• Clean up sticky wax residue from wax pots, utensils and equipment quickly and easily, like I clean up on the dance floor!
  • I’m a concentrated, natural product ready to get my groove on and take the hard work out of removing sticky wax residue. You dig that?
  • Your salon will shine like a disco ball and have a totally happenin’ fresh citrus fragrance. Right on!
  • Use me to remove wax residue from salon equipment.
  • Best for cleaning most surfaces and fibres.

Clean & Glow Professional Cleaning Spray

250,00 krPris
    • Ett effektivt och väldoftande rengöringsmedel.
    • Tar snabbt bort vaxrester från maskiner, arbetsytor, kläder och spatlar.
    • Effektiv rengöring med behaglig doft.
  • Hard Surfaces – Apply sparingly to the surface to be cleaned, wipe off and rinse with water. Carpets – Apply lightly and rinse thoroughly to remove residue.

    Always test before use for colour fastness.

    Care should be taken as the solvent may effect some surfaces.


    WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or the poisons information centre. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.