Waxxxpress 400g waxes & sugaring pastes 800g fit perfectly into my metal insert. There’s no mess, no fuss!

I cleanly hold Waxxxpress’ microwavable 400g hot and strip wax jars and the Aquagel Sugar Pastes 800g.

My advanced technology provides your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solution.

I’m perfect for beginners, students, mobile therapists and hairdressers.

My small size also makes me ideal for those who do a lot of brow and lip waxing.

With the ability to warm all types of wax, my easy to clean, non-stick metal insert insulates heat to prevent me from becoming hot.

Look after me and you will never have to clean my base station again; my protective skirt and drip tray set up options catch drips – simply wipe them down after use with Waxxxpress Clean & Glo Citrus Clean.

My thermostat dial, enables you to easily control the temperature of your wax and sugars pastes so you can be confident that I will maintain your desired working temperature.

For ultra-fast heating time, place your wax into the microwave then straight into my metal insert.

You’ll never have to pour a thing again and there’s no more wasting wax!

I come with a 12 month warranty.


The Mini Dipper Wax & Sugar Warmer

1 000,00 krPris
  • Ny liten vaxvärmare från Waxxxpress med stort kapacitet.Perfekt till dig som inte har så mycket plats och vill kunna vaxa små områden som ögonbryn och ansikte!

     Lätt att rengöra. Perfekt för både hot wax i den avtagbara insatsen och remsvax med våra 800ml-burkar och 400g-burkar som är säkra att värma direkt i värmaren.

    - 500 ml kapacitet
    - Justerbar termostat 
    - Högsta temperatur 105 ° C (221 ° F)
    - Indikatorljus
    - Skyddsigt lock
    - Avtagbar metallinsats med handtag ingår


    NB! Läs broschyren som följer med, 1 års garanti från produsent från köpsdatum.

  • For fast heating time, microvwave 400g TUB for 1- 2 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave.

    Place metal insert into the heater. If using hot wax set up, place skirt on first.

    Place 400g tub into wax heater metal insert with the set att ideal temperature ( between 3-5).If using strip wax, screw down drip tray onto base unit.

    Or replace step 3 by pouring microwaved wax directly into the wax heater metal insert.

    Wax heater can also be used with non-microwavable hot and strip waxes. Simply pour or place wax into metar insert, set the desired temperature and wax will melt down in the heater.