Made by Australia’s Leading & Best Wax Manufacturer.

NO Irritation, NO Bumps, NO Redness, NO Bruising, NO Skin Lifting

I am the ultimate power in your pot, flying through wax treatments at the speed of lightning. My phenomenal formula combines the benefits of a hard and strip wax in one! I am gentle and easy to apply like a hard wax, but have the power and grip of a strip wax. While no hairs stand the chance of surviving the storms magnitude, your client skin will be nothing short of calm and clear. Rain hail or shine there is no other wax that will compete with mine!  



  • Deep blue beade formulation
  • Manadarin & Lavender Scented
  • Made with synthetic resin


  • Doesn´t go brittle
  • Flexible and piable
  • For sensitive and intimate areas
  • Reduce redness and irritation

The Perfect Storm Film Wax

400,00 krPris
  • Underbart och fylligt med en mild, avslappnande citrus och lavender. Är väldigt len och skön på huden, innehåller mineraler som är speciellt anpassade för känslig hud. Detta är en sorts vax som är mycket likt bivax men som är mjukare och följsammare. Det kan innehålla både rosin och bivax. Kan användas över hela kroppen och passar utmärkt för vaxning på känsliga områden som t.ex. ansikte och Brasiliansk.

    Passar bäst för mindre område som överläpp, haka, bikinilinje, axiller...eller varför inte hela kroppen! 


    • Pour wax beads into the metar insert of a wax heater in stages, stirring in between until it  melts.
    • Regulate heater to a medium setting or between dial 3-4 on a Waxxxpress Dipeer Wax Heater.
    • Dip applicator into wax, at the correct temperature wax should sit on the end of the applicator ( spatula) and be practicalle dripless  i.e aprox  60°C (140°F).
    • If wax is moving, is too hot. It is not necessary to melt down wax completely. A Core in the center is ideal.



    • Area to be treated must be clean, dry and free from any oils and creams.
    • Use Waxxxpress "On  your Marks" to clean the skin.
    • Always test wax on the inside of your wrist before use. 
    • Do not apply on warts, moles and broken or irritated skin.
    • You may begin by dipping applicator ( spatula ) into wax, which should be the consistency of honey.
    • Use melted wax from around the core.
    • Apply wax with the hair growth, leaving one edge thicker to create a lip.
    • Hold skin taut and remove wax by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth
    • For the perfect finish and to remove any wax residue on the skin, we recommed you use "Body Icing After Wax Soothing Lotion
    • To clean equipment, use Waxxxpress "Clean and Go" Citrus Clean 


    CAUTION: This is a professional product for salon use only. Please test before use. If skin irritation occurs, cease use.

    WARNING: Exceeding recommended heating instructions may cause burns and/or injury.