Roll Up, Roll Up! I’m ideal for beauty salons, mobile therapists and home use, providing confidence and control for an efficient waxing experience.

I’m compact, portable and lightweight. Extend me to suit your salon by simply attaching another heater to my base station – we’ll share the same cable connection point (sharing is caring after all!).

Heating in minutes, I enable an easy roll-on application which saves you time.

My magnetic base locks onto your trolley for stability.

I feature an automatic temperature control with a wax indicator light and come with a 12 month warranty.


For use with Waxxxpress 100ml Wax Cartridges.


Vaxvärmare för kassetter 100g

800,00 krPris
  • Handhållen värmare till vaxkassett från Waxxxpress!

    Med denna smidiga värmare kan du erbjuda dina kunder behagliga och problemfria vaxbehandlingar. Lätt att rengöra och bekväm och ergonomisk att jobba med.

    Denna värmare har en termostat och kan seriekopplas med flera värmare.

    NB! Läs broschyren som följer med, 1 års garanti från produsent från köpsdatum.


    Remove hygiene label and inster cartrifge into "Waxxxpress Roller Wax Cartridge Heater"

    Adjust heating dial to desired temperature ( usually 3-4 on the temperature control)

    Allow to heat for at least 15 minutes.

    Usage instructions leaving the cartridge in the heater, turn upside down, allowing the wx flow into the roller head.

    Holding the heater at an approximately 45 degree angle, apply wax in the direction of the hair growth.

    Continue by following norma waxing procedures.

    HANDY TIP: Apply wax in sections as you would when using a spatula technique for best results.

    CAUTION: This is a professional product for salon use only. Please test before use. If skin irritation occurs, cease use.

    WARNING: Exceeding recommended heating instructions may cause burns and/or injury.